Buy crypto: How do I get cashback on my XLM purchase?

Modified on Thu, 15 Dec 2022 at 03:29 PM

With LOBSTR wallet, you can buy XLM via MoonPay and get cashback in AQUA token if you hold AQUA or ICE tokens on your Stellar account balance. 

AQUA token is the currency for rewards and on-chain voting in Aquarius. AQUA holders can vote for market pairs that need more liquidity and select trusted assets. 

ICE tokens let AQUA holders increase yield earned through AMM & SDEX rewards and boost their voting flexibility & power throughout Aquarius. Learn more about ICE


Everyone who uses LOBSTR can purchase XLM and other cryptocurrencies through our partnership with MoonPay payment service.

If you buy Stellar Lumens (XLM), you may be eligible to get 50% or 100% of your service fees for this purchase back in AQUA token.

This offer is available for AQUA and ICE token holders who are using LOBSTR website or mobile app version 9.1.0 or higher. 

We'll send the cashback to your wallet when we confirm your purchase with MoonPay.

If you have an account with LOBSTR, you can navigate to the 'Buy Crypto' tab on the LOBSTR web and mobile apps to top up your wallet balance with XLM.

Note: You don't need to sign up for an account with LOBSTR to get cashback on your XLM purchase. 

If you don't have an account, you can always purchase XLM at our external 'Buy Crypto' page

Cashback eligibility criteria

  • Cashback on fees is only available for XLM (Stellar Lumens) purchases at this time.

  • Both standard Stellar wallet balance and liquidity pool balances are counted towards your total balance in AQUA and ICE tokens.  

  • If you have 500,000 or more AQUA on your total balance, you are eligible to receive 50% of your service fees back in AQUA token. 

  • If you have 5,000,000 or more ICE on your total balance, you are eligible to receive 100% of your service fees back in AQUA token. 

  • Balance thresholds you should reach in AQUA and ICE are independent. This means that you do not need to have 500,000 AQUA on your balance to receive 100% cashback if you already have 5,000,000 ICE tokens on your balance.

  • Stellar wallet you are using for the purchase must have a trustline to AQUA token to receive your cashback payment. 

  • LOBSTR reserves the right to change, suspend or deactivate the cashback service without notice. 

How do I get AQUA?

AQUA token is openly available to trade and purchase on Stellar DEX.

You can use the 'Trade' option in LOBSTR app or website if you are looking to purchase at your own price.

Use the 'Swap' option to quickly purchase AQUA at the market rate. 

How do I lock my AQUA to receive ICE? 

In order to get ICE token, you should have AQUA token on your Stellar wallet balance. 

You can get ICE token by locking (freezing) AQUA via the Aquarius locker tool. 

You can get up to 10 ICE tokens for 1 AQUA token.

Follow this guide to lock your AQUA and receive ICE for increased cashback on your XLM purchases.

1. Open the Aquarius locker tool website and choose Sign in in the upper right corner.

2. Select the WalletConnect option in the Sign-in pop-up

3. Go to the WalletConnect tab on your phone, choose 'New Connection' and scan the QR code displayed on the website. Confirm the session request in the app. 

4. You will be logged in on the web and see your AQUA and ICE balances. Choose the AQUA amount and period for which you'd like to lock AQUA.

Note: The more the lock period is, the more ICE tokens you get.

5. Once you choose the amount and the period, click 'FREEZE AQUA'. 

Note: Freezing AQUA requires you to add the 4 ICE trustlines. Each trustline will reserve 0.5 XLM of your wallet balance.

6. Click 'Confirm' to lock your AQUA token in return for ICE token. 


  • Once you lock your AQUA, it will become unavailable for you to send, trade, swap or otherwise transact on the Stellar network. You will get ICE tokens in return. 
  • You can use ICE to interact with Aquarius protocol and get rewards. 
  • After AQUA freeze, ICE tokens are usually sent to your wallet within 2 hours.
  • ICE token melts over time and its amount on the account decreases as you get closer to your unlock date.

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