What's the difference between a Wallet and an Account?

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LOBSTR is a user interface to the Stellar blockchain. With a LOBSTR account, you can access and manage your Stellar wallets.

LOBSTR is not a custodian of your crypto assets. This means that while you use LOBSTR to interact with your assets, the control and ownership of these assets remain entirely with you. LOBSTR does not hold your assets - your Stellar wallet does.

What is a LOBSTR account?

Having a LOBSTR account allows you to use the LOBSTR software to interact with your Stellar wallets and the Stellar blockchain - view your balances, send and receive transactions.

Creating an account with LOBSTR does not require identity verification and only needs your email. The email is used to send you notifications about incoming and outgoing payments, security alerts, confirmation messages, updates about asset price changes, and updates for other on-chain transactions.

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What is a Stellar wallet?

A Stellar wallet is a set of cryptographic keys derived from the Recovery Phrase. Stellar uses public key cryptography to ensure that every transaction is secure. Every Stellar wallet has a keypair consisting of a Public key and a Secret key.

The Public key is safe to share - other people need it to identify your account and verify that you authorized a transaction.

The Secret key (a 56-character string starting with an uppercase 'S') is private information that proves your ownership and gives you access to your account. It should be stored securely along with the Recovery phrase and never shared with anyone.

*No one else (including us) has the ability to administer your LOBSTR account and funds on your behalf, access your Recovery Phrase, Secret key, Password, or the funds in your wallet.

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