Sending assets to email address or phone number

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 03:29 PM

Sending payments to email addresses and phone numbers is directly connected to the 'Accept all' functionality, which you can read more about by following this link.

When sending to an email address or a phone number, you are sending funds to the 'Accept all' addresses associated with the corresponding email address or phone number.

That is why LOBSTR automatically appends * at the end of the email address or phone number you are entering into the Send form.

Note: If you choose to view the details of your payment transaction to the email address or phone number, you may see that the transaction is initially sent out to assetholder* address (

You should be able to send to any email address or phone number of your choice using any Stellar wallet that supports federation addresses

Simply append * at the end of the email to send funds. LOBSTR will take care of the rest. 


- - the email address you are trying to send to;

-* - corresponding 'Accept all' federation address created for you by LOBSTR;

Recipients will be informed of an incoming money transfer:

Existing LOBSTR users will receive funds in their Stellar wallets:

Recipients who don’t have a Stellar wallet will receive an email or SMS with instructions on how to claim assets with LOBSTR:

Clicking on the 'Claim Funds' button in the email or following the link in the SMS will guide users through the quick LOBSTR sign-up process. 

To claim funds, recipients who are not registered on LOBSTR will need to sign up with the corresponding email address or connect the corresponding phone number to their LOBSTR account after signing up.

Watch our demo video on sending funds to the email addresses below. In this demo video, we are sending different Stellar assets by email to people who don't have a Stellar wallet or LOBSTR account.

Payment rules and restrictions

The following rules and restrictions are applied when sending to email addresses or phone numbers:

- The sending service should support federation addresses and transaction Memo. 

- Transaction Memo is required for correct forwarding of your lumens. Do not remove or edit the memo when sending from a non-LOBSTR account!

- Ensure to select the correct Memo type TEXT on the Sender’s side (not ID) when submitting a transaction to an email address or phone number. In rare cases, sending a transaction with an incorrect memo type may result in a loss of funds.

- Phone numbers must be in the international format (must start with +).

- The minimum amount to send is limited to 1.5 XLM or its asset equivalent. 

- If the destination account does not have a trustline for a non-XLM asset, 0.5 XLM will be taken from the transferred amount to establish a trustline.


- It may take up to 10 minutes for the incoming payment to appear in the LOBSTR account. 

- Unclaimed funds will be returned to the sender's Stellar wallet after 30 days unless this wallet does not have an asset trustline anymore.

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