Changelly partnership: Swap crypto from another chain to Stellar with LOBSTR

Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2024 at 11:02 AM

How does the ‘Cross-chain crypto swap’ work?

The ‘Swap from another chain to Stellar’ option on LOBSTR allows you to convert tokens like BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, and other crypto to Stellar tokens, powered by our partnership with Changelly. This functionality is only available in mobile apps at this time. 

400+ tokens across different chains are available for you to sell and get Stellar Lumens (XLM).

When converting tokens, you will need to send your tokens on another chain to the deposit address provided in the app within 3 hours period to complete the swap. XLM tokens will be sent to your wallet after your payment is received and confirmed by our partner.

The final amount of tokens you will receive can be more or less than quoted due to market price changes.

If your Stellar wallet is inactive (0 XLM balance), completing the cross-chain swap to XLM will allow you to activate your wallet and use it on the network. 

The fees apply for transactions submitted via the ‘Cross-chain crypto swap’. The service fees can be as high as 1% per transaction.

The network fee is set by our partner and is calculated dynamically depending on the selected pair and amounts.

How to swap from another chain to Stellar?

Follow this tutorial to swap crypto from another chain to Stellar:

1. Tap ‘Deposit’ in the side menu of LOBSTR mobile apps > select 'Buy & Exchange' > select 'Swap from another chain to Stellar';

2. Select a crypto from another chain that you'd like to swap to XLM;

3. Tap 'Continue';

4. Check the swap preview > tap 'Confirm and Proceed';

Note that the 'You get' amount is the estimated amount of crypto you will receive after all fees are applied. 

The final amount of tokens you will receive can be more or less than quoted here due to market price changes and is determined by our integration partner. 

5. Follow the instructions on the 'Make a Payment' screen; 

Send the amount of tokens specified on the screen to the provided Deposit address to start your swap transaction.
As LOBSTR only allows managing Stellar tokens, you will need to use your external wallet for this payment transaction.

Note that when sending certain crypto tokens, like XRP or BNB, you are required to attach an extra ID with your payment transaction for correct processing of your swap. The extra ID will be displayed to you at the 'Make a Payment' screen along with the Destination address.

Ensure to include this extra ID (it can be named Destination tag, Memo or have another name depending on the chain you use) with your payment or your swap transaction will fail. 

Once you make a payment you can use the 'Check Transaction Status' button at the bottom of the screen to follow along the progress of your swap transaction at the web page of our partner. 

6. You'll be redirected to Changelly to check the status of your transaction and its details;

Refer to this page for any future status for your swap after you send the payment transaction. 

The status will be updated shortly after our partner receives your payment for the swap, and will provide the timely updated as the swap progresses.

If you have email or push notifications enabled, LOBSTR will notify you when you receive your Stellar tokens. 

7. After confirming the transaction, LOBSTR will also send you a 'New cross-chain swap transaction created' email with instructions and Changelly transaction ID. You can check the transaction status on the partner website by tapping the 'Check Transaction Status' button in the email. 

Transaction issues and other requests

If you have any issues with your transaction, please reach out to our partner at for further guidance.

Our integration partner at their own discretion may require some users to complete the mandatory KYC check to process their swap transaction. If you see that you need to complete the KYC check at the Transaction status page of our partner, please reach out to our partner at for further guidance.

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