How to restore my secret key?

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Your Secret key can be viewed in the Settings of the LOBSTR web or mobile apps - Where can I find my secret key?

* The secret key can only be revealed in your account on LOBSTR website if your account was created before LOBSTR switched to local key storage. 


Restore my Secret key

If you need to restore access to your Secret key, below are the ways on how you can do this.


I have a Recovery code

Recovery code is a 10-word code issued to you when you created or connected a Stellar account in the LOBSTR wallet. It is applicable to one certain Stellar account.


The Recovery code is only displayed to you once and is not stored by LOBSTR to make app usage safe for our users.

If you remove the Stellar account from LOBSTR systems, the corresponding Recovery code connection will also be removed and it'll become no longer active as a result.

To restore LOBSTR account connection and gain the access to your Secret key, you will need to reset the password of your LOBSTR account by following these steps. At the end of the password reset process, you'll be asked for the Recovery code.

If you did everything correctly and entered the Recovery code, you will be able to reveal the Secret key in the Settings of your LOBSTR wallet.


I have a Recovery Phrase

Recovery Phrase is a 12-word backup phrase shown to users only once when creating an account in LOBSTR. It is not saved on your device and is deleted immediately after the account is generated.

The same as with the Recovery code, the Recovery Phrase can be used to recover access to your LOBSTR account by initiating the password reset process to further obtain your Secret key in the Settings of the LOBSTR apps.

If you've retained access to your LOBSTR account and have connected an existing Stellar wallet to LOBSTR by specifying just the Stellar public address, your Secret key can be imported using your Recovery Phrase under the Wallet tab on the Settings page.

You can also use your Recovery Phrase to derive the secret key of your Stellar account using other reliable third-party tools. Only share your Recovery Phrase with trusted services.


I've lost my Recovery code or Recovery Phrase

Pay attention that LOBSTR does NOT store Recovery codes and Recovery Phrases of users for security reasons.

That's the main point of the LOBSTR wallet security - we don't have access to users' money.

If you have lost your Recovery code or Recovery Phrase and removed your Stellar account from LOBSTR systems - we wouldn't be able to help you restore the Secret key of your Stellar account.

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