What is a Recovery Phrase on LOBSTR?

Modified on Mon, 27 Nov 2023 at 06:09 PM

About the Recovery Phrase

A Recovery Phrase, 12 Words Backup, or Seed Phrase represents the same thing and has many more names in the cryptocurrency ecosystem which may be misleading.

The term "Recovery Phrase" is used across LOBSTR services. 

The Recovery Phrase is a list of 12 or 24 words that represent the single secret piece of data that is used to generate both the public and private keys of your Stellar account.


You will need the Recovery Phrase to restore access to your Stellar account on LOBSTR in case of password loss.

Each Recovery Phrase is unique and is displayed to every user at the time of the Stellar account generation during onboarding, e.g., when you set up your LOBSTR account.

You are the only one who has access to your Recovery Phrase. We do not have access to users' Recovery phrases. The Recovery phrase is securely stored in the local storage of your device.

If you decide to remove your Stellar account from LOBSTR systems, you will be able to use the Recovery Phrase to reconnect this account at a later time.

The Recovery Phrase is not the same thing as the Recovery code.

While both are used to recover access to one's account in case of a password loss, each LOBSTR account can only have either the corresponding Recovery Phrase or the Recovery code at a time.


Unlike the Recovery code, the Recovery Phrase can be used to access your private key and gives full control over the funds on your account. 

Anybody else who discovers the phrase can access your Stellar account and its private key, so it must be kept safe like your other valuables. It must not be stored in any electronic or digital form. 


Backing up the Recovery Phrase

The order of the words in the Recovery Phrase is crucial.

Write down these 12 words on a piece of paper or print them using a secure printer.

A smart move is to create multiple copies of your Recovery Phrase and store it in multiple locations to prevent an inadvertent loss.

Make sure to write down the Recovery Phrase in the correct order without any spelling mistakes:

  • Start from the word in the top left corner and follow the line to the last word
  • Transition down to the next line and start with the first word on the left
  • Continue until every word is written down

We do not recommend emailing or screenshotting the Recovery Phrase. 

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