Where can I find my secret key?

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Stellar network relies on public key cryptography.

Every Stellar account has a public key and a secret key also known as a private key.

Public keys are used to identify an account and can be safely shared with others.

Secret keys, on the other hand, represent private information and are used to encrypt data and sign transactions on the Stellar network.

The secret key proves that you own your account and gives full access to your funds.

Any person or application knowing your secret key can control your account and may move your funds without your authorization.

Do not share your secret key with anyone and keep it secure!


Reveal my Secret key 

You can view and backup the Secret key of your Stellar account in the Settings of the LOBSTR web and mobile apps.

LOBSTR website

Under the Wallet tab in the Settings click the 'Reveal secret key' button and follow the instructions on the screen. A few extra steps will be required for additional security.

LOBSTR mobile apps

Open Settings in the side menu of the LOBSTR app, choose the Wallet tab and open the Secret key section. Click the 'Reveal secret key' button and follow the instructions on the screen.

* The secret key can only be revealed in your account on LOBSTR website if your account was created before LOBSTR switched to local key storage.


Make sure you are the only person who can view the key and you are not sharing the screen with others - the security of your funds is at stake. 

Use caution and only share your keys with trusted services.

If your funds were stolen due to your actions outside LOBSTR platform and trusted services, we will not be able to help.


LOBSTR can not access the funds of our users or make unauthorized transactions on behalf of our users:

* We don’t have access to the raw secret keys of our users. 

* User passwords are taking part in the process of encryption/decryption of secret keys.

* We don't store account passwords in raw format. 

* Secret keys are stored server-side or locally on the user's device depending on the date of account creation. Secret keys are encrypted with a key, a part of which is a different secure hash of the password.

When you want to send funds, trade, or make any other transaction in LOBSTR, our system helps to sign a transaction for you. 

Take your time to read the following article that will help you to clearly understand the level of control you have over your secret keys and what LOBSTR can do to assist you to keep them secure: Security of your wallet in LOBSTR

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