How can I back up my Stellar wallet?

Modified on Mon, 05 Sep 2022 at 07:13 PM

It’s always a good idea to back up your Stellar wallet to protect yourself in case you lose access to your LOBSTR account.

When creating an account in LOBSTR, please make sure you have saved and securely store your wallet information:

1. Recovery Phrase

A 12-word backup phrase shown to users only once when creating an account in LOBSTR. It is not saved on your device and is deleted immediately after the account is generated.

The Recovery Phrase can be used to access your secret key and gives full control over the funds on your account.


You will also need the Recovery Phrase in case of a password reset, adding the secret key to the account, or connecting your existing wallet to LOBSTR.

The Recovery Phrase is not the same as the Recovery code.

2. Stellar Secret key

A 56-character string starting with an uppercase 'S' that can be revealed in the Settings of the LOBSTR web and mobile apps. It represents private information and is used to encrypt data and sign transactions on the Stellar network.


Treat it as sensible info. Do not share your Recovery Phrase and Secret key with anyone and keep them secure. Any person or application knowing your private keys may move your funds without your authorization.

3. Stellar Public address

A 56-character string starting with an uppercase 'G', which is generated automatically when creating a wallet.

4. Stellar Federation address 

A unique name of a new Stellar wallet, which can be set by a user when creating a wallet in LOBSTR.

It commonly looks similar to ‘username*’. 

Both Public and Federation addresses can be found in the Settings or on the Receive screen of the LOBSTR website and mobile apps. They can be safely shared with others to receive funds to your wallet.


That’s everything you need to have full control over your Stellar wallet.

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