How to protect yourself from Scammers | Beware of SCAM

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We at LOBSTR are extremely concerned that LOBSTR’s imposters may be dangerous scammers or phishers.

Many imposters want to collect your private information and private keys to steal your identity, accounts, lumens, and other cryptocurrencies. Recently, we’ve spotted LOBSTR imposters on Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and emails. We’d hate to see anyone in our community hurt by these people. 

Here’s a quick guide to protect yourself from scammers and phishers when interacting with the LOBSTR team:

1. The LOBSTR | Ultra Stellar team will NEVER ask you for your private keys. We will NEVER ask you to deposit funds to any wallet address.

2. Our only official X (Twitter) account is

3. Our official Telegram channel for LOBSTR is

Our only Telegram bot for LOBSTR is @lobstrguru_bot.

Do not trust third-party groups or accounts claiming to be associated with LOBSTR or Ultra Stellar.

We DON'T provide support through other social networks.

4. To get additional information on LOBSTR updates and tips on interaction with Stellar Network, follow our blog on Medium

5. Our official websites are:

Ultra Stellar:

LOBSTR Wallet:


When you want to visit the website, type it directly into the browser address bar and then bookmark the site. Only use the bookmark to visit the site. 

Always check the full URL before entering any personal information  make sure, for example, someone did not add an extra letter to the URL, or replace an “l” with an uppercase I.

LOBSTR Wallet and LOBSTR Vault are free apps. The apps can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

Note: LOBSTR Vault is not a wallet app. Vault accounts should be used as signers only. Do NOT send funds to your Vault account.

All official partnerships and announcements are made on our X, Medium, and websites — please do not fall for any third-party rumors or speculation.

6. Our only official support email address is We provide support services ONLY via the email address.

Alternatively, you can submit a request to the LOBSTR support team here –

You will still get a response from the email address.


  • In order not to be misled by scammers, please DON'T follow suspicious links, DON’T provide your secret key or any other information to dubious third-party services, and NEVER enter your private keys on any untrusted websites, always carefully check the browser URL.

  • Store all your private information (passwords, LOBSTR Wallet and LOBSTR Vault Recovery phrases, Secret keys) in a safe place. Never share it with anyone. It must be kept safe like your other valuables. It must not be stored in any electronic or digital form. Do not email or screenshot your private keys. Write them down on a piece of paper or print them using a secure printer.

  • Do your own research before sending funds to other accounts over the network. The support team will never ask you to deposit funds to any wallet address.

  • If you've already transferred the funds to a scammer's account, we wouldn't be able to refund/revert or cancel the transaction due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Be careful when adding or buying unverified assets in LOBSTR. We recommend only using the LOBSTR Curated and Featured (Top assets) list.

  • Asset listings on LOBSTR are not endorsements. LOBSTR is a software client only and has no control over the development, operation, management, marketing, or any other activity of any of the assets/tokens that are issued on the Stellar network.

Note: LOBSTR is not a custodian of your Stellar Lumens (XLM) or any other crypto assets issued on the Stellar Network. We do not have access to your funds, tokens, crypto assets, secret keys, recovery phrases, or account passwords.

Learn more:

What are Claimable balances and how can I claim a Pending payment on LOBSTR?

Please stay safe.

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