My transaction is not appearing in the wallet / My balance has not updated

Modified on Tue, 02 Aug 2022 at 09:44 AM

Stellar transactions are very fast and are processed within seconds.

In most cases, a transaction sent to LOBSTR wallet would be visible in LOBSTR within a minute. Sending a transaction from LOBSTR wallet also instantly publishes it on the Stellar network.

However, not all applications are as fast as the Stellar network.

Some apps may:

  • introduce delays between transaction request and the actual processing of the transactions;
  • introduce delays between the time when the transaction was published on the Stellar network and the time when it becomes visible in the interface of the application;

Therefore, it may take a while before a transaction from/to a certain exchange/wallet becomes available. 

It can be helpful to use the Stellar Network explorer, such as to track the status of the transaction or check the balance of the wallet.

Just paste the account address or transaction hash into the Search input on to see the latest balance of the account or check if the transaction was submitted.

You will also receive a notification (email or PUSH update) when a new transaction arrives in your LOBSTR account.

In certain very rare cases (e.g. LOBSTR can’t reach Stellar network, or LOBSTR servers overloaded) your balance update or display of a new transaction may be delayed.

If something is not looking right - please check the status of your account/transaction at

If the transaction is visible on StellarExpert but is not displayed in LOBSTR – allow us a few minutes to sync, and if the issue persists for more than 30 minutes – please open a support ticket, and don’t worry – your Lumens are still safe.

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