What is minimum (reserved) Stellar wallet balance?

Modified on Wed, 29 May 2024 at 09:36 AM


The absolute minimum balance for every active Stellar wallet is 1 XLM, therefore when making a payment you should make sure to leave at least 1 lumen in your account.

When activating your wallet with the initial payment, we recommend sending or buying at least 5 XLM to make sure you have enough to use the LOBSTR app without any Stellar network restrictions.    

Minimum balances help protect the network from spam account creation. Following the Stellar Network protocol, each new held asset (trustline), signer or active trade offer requires an additional 0.5 XLM reserve


Sponsored Reserves also affect the minimum account balance and are reflected by the # of sponsoring entries and # of sponsored entries.


For example, an account with 1 trustline and 2 offers would have a minimum balance of 2.5 lumens: 


1 XLM account min balance + 0.5 XLM base reserve * (3 entries + 1 sponsoring entry - 1 sponsored entry) = 2.5 total XLM reserve.


Entries include:

  • Trustlines
  • Offers
  • Signers
  • Data entries

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