Sending pending payments (claimable balances) in LOBSTR wallet

Modified on Fri, 29 Mar 2024 at 12:17 PM

About Pending payments (claimable balances)

A standard payment on the Stellar Network requires the recipient of the transaction to create a trustline for the asset you’re sending. When a standard payment is made, but no trustline is set up, the sender will receive an error as the network won’t allow them to send the payment.

Claimable balances on Stellar help avoid such issues – you can send a payment of an asset for which the recipient doesn’t hold a trustline and he can decide to accept it or not. 

Claimable balances you send to Stellar accounts of other users are referred to as pending payments in LOBSTR wallet. 

Sending a pending payment in LOBSTR wallet

The ability to send claimable balances is currently only available in LOBSTR mobile apps.

If the destination wallet does not have a trustline for an asset you are looking to send, LOBSTR will suggest you send a pending payment in this asset instead. 

To send a pending payment, simply enter a destination Stellar address and asset you want to send in the usual way. LOBSTR wallet will handle the rest.


You can send a pending payment to any Stellar or federation address including inactive accounts.

When you are sending a pending payment in LOBSTR, you create a claimable balance with two recipient wallets:

- The destination account you want to send your funds to
- The account you send funds from

1. The owner of the destination account should manually accept their pending payment to have the funds reflected on their wallet balance.

If they are using LOBSTR, the recipient will be notified of the incoming pending payment.

The pending payment can be claimed in the 'Pending' section of the 'Transactions' tab. It will have the Pending (active) status and will be available to be claimed immediately upon receipt.

2. You will be able to return the sent funds back to your account if the recipient does not accept the payment within 24 hours from the moment the payment is received.

Immediately after you send the funds, you can find your pending payment in the 
Upcoming status in the 'Pending' section of the 'Transactions' tab. If it is still there, it means that it is still not claimed by the destination wallet.

If you sent a pending payment to the wrong account or the destination did not accept the payment, return to the 'Pending' section in 24 hours to claim it back. 
You can also set a reminder to be notified when you can claim your funds back.

Learn more about pending payments statuses and how to claim a pending payment in LOBSTR.

Important to know

- Sending a pending payment reserves extra 1 XLM on your account minimum balance, which is required by the Stellar protocol rules and will be reflected in the sponsoring entries category.

After the payment is claimed, the reserved funds will be available again on your balance.

Learn more about the reserved Stellar wallet balance

- Some Stellar products and services may not provide the ability to accept pending payments.

LOBSTR, StellarTerm, StellarX and several other wallets provide full support and allow their users to claim pending payments. Users of LOBSTR and other Ultra Stellar products will receive an in-app alert, a push notification, or an email when they receive a pending payment.

- Most of the third-party exchanges including Binance and Kraken do not accept pending payments. You may see an error when attempting to send tokens other than XLM to your exchange account.

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