Cross-border payments with LOBSTR

Modified on Thu, 07 Dec 2023 at 02:17 PM

LOBSTR allows users to send money between different countries and continents at lightning speed and with low fees. Let's see how this can be done. 


Suppose you are a LOBSTR user from the USA and you need to send $20 to a friend in Mexico.

For this:

The recipient in Mexico creates a LOBSTR account and activates the wallet by transferring more than 1.503 XLM there. Then, the recipient adds the USDC trustline issued by and provides the sender with their wallet address, which can be found on the 'Receive' page.

The sender in USA deposits dollars to their account. This could be done by adding USDC trustline issued by and clicking on the 'Deposit' button.


Then the sender needs to go through KYC and deposit dollars by following the anchor's instructions. Once USDC tokens were credited to the Stellar account, the sender goes to the 'Send' page, specifies the transfer amount and recipient address, and sends the transaction.

Attention: For the successful completion of the operation, make sure that the sender and recipient are operating a trustline issued by the same issuer.

Please note: A transaction sent from the LOBSTR mobile app will appear as a pending payment if the recipient does not have the USDC trustline. 

Learn more about claiming Pending payments here.

When sending via the LOBSTR web version, funds could be converted upon sending.

If the recipient does not have the USDC trustline added, but added the SMX trustline — the sender will be asked to select the SMX as the destination asset.

After receiving a transfer of $20, the recipient in Mexico can convert these funds into Mexican Peso stablecoin issued by and make a withdrawal to a bank account directly from the LOBSTR account using the ‘Withdraw’ function.


The anchor will redeem the SMX stablecoin and deposit the corresponding amount of Pesos to the bank address specified by the user. To do so, the recipient will need to:

  • Add SMX Trustline;

  • Convert the received amount of USDC to SMX using the 'Trade' or 'Swap' function;

  • Click on the 'Withdraw' button next to the SMX icon on the 'Assets' page;

  • Go through KYC and specify the payment information on the anchor's side;

  • Withdraw the funds using the 'Withdraw' button in the wallet's interface.


Attention: Reserved wallet balance is increased by 0.5 XLM for each added trustline or active trade offer. Make sure your XLM balance covers the reserved balance for all associated transactions.

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