Sync my account nicknames across multiple devices

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About account nicknames

LOBSTR Vault app allows setting a local nickname for any Stellar address to might come across in the app. Nickname is stored in the device storage and helps you keep track of Stellar addresses (accounts) you interact with. 

Once you set a nickname, it will be displayed everywhere you see or interact with this account across the Vault app.

iCloud backup for account nicknames allows syncing your nicknames across multiple devices where you use the same Vault app account.

It also helps you quickly restore your nicknames in case you log out from your Vault account. 

How iCloud backup for nicknames works

When you choose to back up your nicknames to iCloud, the Vault app reserves a very small amount of storage space in the iCloud account connected to your Apple ID. Your existing account nicknames are uploaded to this storage in the iCloud account.

The owner of the Apple ID is the only one who can access the nicknames in this storage. We (the LOBSTR team) don't have access to your nicknames.

Once you have the iCloud backup enabled, the nickname is automatically uploaded to your personal iCloud storage every time you set, edit or delete it in the app. 

Nicknames will be updated on another device with the backup enabled when you close and open the app on that device, or request a manual sync in the Settings (learn more on that below).

The iCloud backup feature is only available on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac). 

How to enable the iCloud backup 

When you add or change a nickname in the Vault app for the first time, you'll be shown the ‘Enable iCloud backup’ alert and prompted to enable the backup

You can also enable the backup manually in the Settings section:

1. Log into your Vault account > Go to 'Settings'.

2. Select 'Backup Nicknames to iCloud' in the 'Nicknames' section > Tap 'Yes'.

Your experience here may differ depending on whether you used the iCloud backup feature before.

  • If you already have nicknames stored locally on your device and try to enable the iCloud backup for the first time, your local nicknames will be automatically uploaded to iCloud storage. 

  • Note: If you are using multiple devices and have different nicknames set on each one, make sure to first turn on the backup on the device with the nicknames from which you want to be uploaded to iCloud and synced with all other devices.

  • If you already have storage with nicknames in iCloud and try to enable the iCloud backup, you'll be shown an alert that your local nicknames will be replaced with those that are stored in your iCloud

The first iCloud sync/upload of nicknames may take up to a minute. We recommend that you do not close the Vault app until the process finishes.

3. You can set, change or delete a nickname for an account by tapping on the Stellar address anywhere in the app or using the '...' button near the address. 

You can also view and manage all of your nicknames in the 'Manage Account Nicknames' section;

How to download the latest nicknames from iCloud

When logging in on a new device or re-logging into a Vault account, you can download nicknames from iCloud to your device by enabling the Backup feature in 'Settings'.

If you are using multiple devices and would like to get the latest nicknames from iCloud on one of them, you can do one of the following:

- Request a nicknames sync manually by selecting the 'Get latest nicknames' option in Settings;

- Completely close and reopen the Vault app;

Once done, the app will download the latest nicknames from the iCloud storage and apply them to Stellar addresses in your Vault app. 

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