Vault Signer Card use cases

Modified on Fri, 21 Jul 2023 at 04:30 PM

The Signer Card is a physical device that is designed to be used as an additional signer for your main Stellar account.

Depending on your daily Stellar network usage, you may want to get the Signer Card in the following cases:

1. Main signer: Security improvement and hack prevention

You should consider getting a Singer Card as your main signer in the following cases:

- You are concerned that your private key may be compromised or stolen

Built using Tangem’s innovative chip-to-chain technology, Signer Card brings an increased level of protection and control over the standard local Vault signer. 

If you are looking for the best protection you can get, enabling multisig using the Signer Card will prevent any problems caused by the loss or theft of a private key. 

Your funds will be safe even if one of the keys is compromised as all transactions will require two or more signatures to occur on the network.

- You are storing a significant amount of funds

If you are storing a significant amount of Stellar lumens or other highly valued assets in your Stellar account, you may be looking for a secure solution to protect your holdings.

Use the signer account on the Signer Card to establish an additional layer of protection for the main Stellar wallet and keep your funds safe.

- You are already using multisig protection and looking for an increase in security and trust 

The Signer Card is a smart new solution for those looking for additional trust and security when it comes to the private keys.

If you are not satisfied with standard local key security of the Vault app, the Signer Card provides a strong new alternative for users looking for the most secure solution. 

The highly-secure chip embedded into the Signer Card creates and holds a unique and uncopyable Vault signer account within the card itself, making it the most secure way to protect your crypto. 

The transaction signing happens on the card itself — the keys are always safe and never exposed to the third party. 


2. Backup signer: 2-of-3 multisig configuration

We generally recommend using a 2-of-3 multisignature configuration with Vault, where a single additional confirmation is required from one of the two devices under your control. 

This setup leaves room for the loss of one of your keys and therefore allows some level of fault tolerance. With 2-of-3 multisig, you'll still have the access to your account even if you lose access to one of the signers. 

The Signer Card is perfectly suited for this use case. 

Use the Signer Card as the main signer and store the Recovery Phrase of another signer in a safe place or vice versa. 


3. Additional signer: Additional flexibility and multiple protection layers

If you are looking to build an advanced multisig configuration involving multiple signers and custom weights, the Signer Card is a must-have security solution for you. 

Tangem's chip-to-chain technology combines unprecedented security with the ultimate control for users looking for the best multisig solutions. 

Use a single Signer Card in pair with other signer devices and protect single or multiple Stellar wallets with n-of-m multisig. 

Some of the use cases include:

- A joint account where two people use their Signer Cards to confirm outgoing transactions

- The head of the family may use a single Singer Card to control and authorize outgoing transactions from other family members

- Business solutions that require manual authorization from multiple holders of the Signer Card for the transaction to be approved

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