Add a signer in LOBSTR app (enable multisig for my Stellar account)

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This section will guide you through the multisig setup process where you are using a single device with both LOBSTR wallet and LOBSTR Vault apps installed.

Watch our video or follow the detailed steps below.

Before you start:

  • Install LOBSTR wallet app on your iOS or Android device and login into your account

  • Make sure you have a Stellar account linked to your LOBSTR account

  • Your Stellar account should have a sufficient balance to enable a multisig solution - each additional signer increases the base reserve by 0.5 XLM

  • Install LOBSTR Vault app on your iOS or Android device


Follow the steps below to enable the multisig protection for your Stellar account in LOBSTR wallet using a new signer account from LOBSTR Vault app: 

1. In LOBSTR Vault, select the 'Create Account' option.


2. Carefully read the description and tap the 'I Understand' button.


3. On the 'Recovery Phrase' screen, write down the presented Recovery Phrase and tap the 'Next' button.


We do not store your Recovery Phrase on our servers, nor do we have any access to it.

It is securely stored in the local storage of your phone until you log out from your LOBSTR Vault account or remove the app.

If you ever lose your phone, remove LOBSTR Vault app accidentally, or can't access your account for any reason, you can restore the account using the 12-word Recovery Phrase.

A loss of your Recovery Phrase will result in losing control of your main account, as you will not be able to sign outgoing transactions due to the lack of required signatures.


4. Verify your Recovery Phrase by tapping the words in the correct order and tap the 'Next' button.


5. Create your custom 6-digit PIN and confirm it.


6. (Optional) If enabled on your device, protect your account by enabling biometric authentication.


7. You will be transitioned to the 'Home' screen of the LOBSTR Vault app. From here, click the 'Add Account' button.


8. Choose the 'Open LOBSTR Wallet' option.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code or copy the Vault public key if you want to add the signer in another service.


9. You'll be redirected to your LOBSTR wallet. Click the 'Enable Multisig' button under the 'Multisig' tab.


10. LOBSTR wallet should detect LOBSTR Vault account automatically and prompt to use it. Tap the 'Yes, Use This Device' button.


11. On this step, you will need to confirm that you want to add a new signer to your Stellar account. Carefully read the description and tap the 'Continue' button.


12. If the 'Multisig enabled' screen is displayed, the signer account should be successfully added to your Stellar account.

To view the list of your signers, use the 'View Signers' button on the 'Multisig' screen.

Multisig_enabled.png View_signers.png

13. If you followed the steps correctly, your LOBSTR Stellar account should be protected by LOBSTR Vault signer account.


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